Date: February 25, 2019 OVERSEAS TRAINING

END Overseas Training (uOttawa in Canada)

Overseas Training (uOttawa in Canada)

Peiod: 25th(Mon) Feb. – 1st(Fri), March in 2019

Place: University of Ottawa in Canada

Participation qualification: Prize winner of the SUMS Pitch Contest

Please contact for the details.

Date: November 8, 2018 Special Event

END 2nd SUMS Pitch Contest

As a part of the promotion of the industry-academia collaboration activity, we will hold “SUMS

Pitch Contest”,  and call for your idea in order to visualize for practical use. We will give an award

for your excellent idea and support prototyping.

Date: 8th(Thu)  November, 2018        Time: 17:00-19:15

Place: Clincal Lecture Room 1

Applicant: Team (or individual), representative person is a faculty member/student at SUMS

Application Period: 10th(Mon) Sept. – 5th(Fri) Oct. 2018

Brush-up Period: One month (by external mentor)

How to entry: Request us the entry sheet, fill it out and submit to the following mail address.

Judge: Internal and external Judges

Award: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize; Overseas training (Univ. Ottawa, Canada)


Outline poster



Date: September 8, 2018 WORKSHOP

END Innovation Workshop

You can systemically learn the thinking methods, techniques and know-hows to create

a ‘new value’ through the system and design thinking for innovation.

This is a golden opportunity for applicants who are going to entry the SUMS Pitch Contest

held on 8th November.   Let’s brush up your idea for the win!

Date: 8th (Sat) and 9th (Sun), September (2 days)

Time: 10:00 to 17:00 each day

Applicant: Team (or individual), representative person is a faculty member/student at SUMS

Lecturer: Keiko Gion, Assistance Prof., Creative Dojo, Engineering Dept., Kobe University

Please contact if any.

Date: August 2, 2018 Time Table

END EDGE-NEXT Program in 2nd half of FY2018

Dear all,

I hope all of you enjoy the EDGE-NEXT program.

I will show the program plan in 2nd half of FY2018 and invite you to each program.

Please check it because the program may have the limitation for participation.


1.Innovation Workshop

Date: 8th(Sat) and 9th(Sun), September

Time: 10:00-17:00 in each day

Place: Biomedical Innovation Center@SUMS


2.SUMS Pitch Contest

Date: 11th(Thu), November

Time: 17:00-19:00

Place: Clinical Lecture Room 1@SUMS


3.Overseas Training (uOttawa in Canada)

Date: 25th(Mon) Feb. – 1st(Fri), March in 2019

Place: University of Ottawa in Canada


Please contact if any.



Date: May 8, 2018

END Open for registration in 2018

A consortium lead by Waseda Univ. has been adopted by the MEXT grant of Exploration and Development of Global Entrepreneurship for NEXT generation (EDGE-NEXT) in 2018.

SUMS provides this advanced program in collaboration with WU.

Please see the attached file for the information in detail.


END 【May 8】 SUMS EDGE-NEXT Orientation

To all staff members and students,


Research Strategy Promotion Office

Masahiro Matsuura


SUMS EDGE-NEXT Orientation


We will hold the SUMS EDGE-NEXT Orientation as shown below.

Please join the orientation if you are interested in this program.


Date & Time: May 8, 2018; 18:00-19:00

Place: Clinical Lecture Room 2

Contents:Introduction of the SUMS EDGE-NEXT Program in FY2018

Invitation for the program


For your reference,


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